Street Life

Samuel Lintaro Hopf (Samuel Streetlife)

May 05, 2023 Mark Davidson and John St Season 1 Episode 28
Street Life
Samuel Lintaro Hopf (Samuel Streetlife)
Show Notes

Samuel Lintaro Hopf is a photographer, filmmaker and popular YouTuber based in Germany.

Samuel has worked as an ambassador for Ricoh GR cameras and filmed a “GR Project” series of videos where he travelled the world connecting with other GR street shooters.

Samuel also runs workshops and has had his work published in magazine such as Eyeshot, Photographie and Soul Of Street.

In this episode Samuel discusses, among other things:

  • How we began shooting street photography in Hamburg 
  • How he splits his time between photography and making videos
  • Whether street photography still excites him
  • The challenges of making street photos while living in the country 
  • How shooting on the street has changed post pandemic
  • Germany cracking down on street photography 
  • Discusses his project with Alex Munoz and their road trip around Japan
  • Working with the Void Tokyo collective and Tatsuo Suzuki

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