Street Life

Prithi Dey (@Simply.Prithi)

November 25, 2022 Mark Davidson and John St Season 1 Episode 16
Street Life
Prithi Dey (@Simply.Prithi)
Show Notes

Prithi is a London born street photographer based in Sydney. Prithi well known for her light and shadow work in and around the streets of Sydney.

Prithi discusses, among other things:

  • How she got her start shooting street photography
  • How she developed her style and how has it changed over time
  • What inspired and helped forge her photography voice
  • Shooting in Blighty and Berlin
  • Interacting with the street community in Sydney
  • What direction is Street Photography taking you
  • Trip to Japan work or pleasure
  • Spotify and podcasting hints and tips
  • What city in the world would you photograph

Photographers mentioned in this podcast:

  • Mark Fearnley - @mark.fearnley
  • Michael Duckworth - @_mikey_dee
  • Georgie Peel - @georgiepeelphoto
  • Samuel Lintaro Hopf – @Lin.taro
  • Tatsuo Suzuki - @tatsuo_suzuki_001
  • John St - @giant_evertonian
  • Kwok Aun Tan – @Kwokaun
  • Perry – @Thethreeshot @streetsaustralia
  • Chris Forman - @_chrisforman
  • Morten Andersen – @morten.clicks
  • Kai Hsiao – @kai.k.hsiao
  • Street Avengers - @street_avengers

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